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  1. Seth says:

    I am a poor judge of age. All I can think about right now is how weird it is that they’ve all got their backs to the dome. If it were me, I’d be far more confident facing the other way, for a number of reasons.

    • mvandinter says:

      Having them facing away from the dome just looked more-dramatic to me. I also liked the idea that Alice was too concerned with Roderick to panic about being on that little ledge.

  2. BowenTheKotoc says:

    Well, she seems to have a well-developed bosom, but based on her “inexperience”, tempermentalness, and impulsiveness, I’ll say 18.

  3. Ed8 says:

    I had imagined her being about 19, though I’m not sure just why. I would suspect that her inexperience would not be all that uncommon for her age & time period, when a proper young lady who was not yet married would either be inexperienced, or at least would not admit to being experienced if she were. 😉 She seems to be proper. Well, mostly.

    Also, funny that Charlotte would rather risk falling than hold Roderick’s hand. Not that I blame her.

  4. Katie says:

    Hmm, I imagined her in her late teens, maybe even her early twenties.

  5. sighthndman says:

    This story is set at the same time as the stories of Jane Austen. Upper class (even gentry, upper middle class) will exchange “innocent” kisses with their peers, but not their inferiors. (By class, not personality.)

    It is a no-no for modest young women to have any sort of “experience” before marriage. “Education” may very well consist of “Close your eyes and think of England, dear.” Well-bred women didn’t enjoy sex, lower-class women did. (Hey, I just report the stereotypes of the past, not the truth. On the other hand, it does appear that Vicki had a pretty decent sex life with both Cousin Albert and, later, Tom Brown, although that could be merely rumors. Or not.)

    • mvandinter says:

      I’m going to plead ‘Artistic License’ for the impending train-wreck of anachronisms and cultural faux pas that will be the hallmark of this story as it develops 🙁

  6. Jean Corkill says:

    I rather think her no older than sixteen. By the time she is 18, she should have “come out” to society, done the season in London, and her parents should already have at least one eligible man selected out of those she has met. Altogether, she should be more sophisticated at 18 to 20.

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