14 Responses to Chapter 5

  1. All-Purpose Guru says:

    Always with the bare foots on this one.

  2. Frank Harr says:

    I thought we were here to meet your mom?!

    Later! First: the SIGHTS!

    Aren’t there stairs inside?

    If you’re, like, a boring person.

  3. Erik Van Thienen says:

    A reversed Rapunzel episode? With the “prince” putting the Maiden in the Tower?

    • mvandinter says:

      That’s a good idea. I was thinking Hunchback of Notre Dame, but that story has a very unhappy ending for Charlie (as Esmerelda). Then again, the hero-prince in the original Rapunzel gets his eyes gouged out. Hmmm…

  4. Brother Parvus says:

    I caught a more Romiette and Julio flavo{u}r from it.

    • mvandinter says:

      So, are you expecting the story to end with the main characters dying… or just the cosplay versions of the characters on the chapter title page dying, perhaps on a subsequent chapter title page?

  5. dskirkey says:

    I couldn’t help thinking Hop-Frog and Trippetta.

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