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  1. Christine says:

    Hm. I think the temptation of throwing the creepy little twit off the railing, while potentially satisfying, is probably not worth the trouble it would bring. I would call his bluff on the chance that he’ll scramble to keep the ladies in his orbit and help them anyway.

    Thumb your noses and start heading down the ladder in disgust, girls. Either little ladies’ man will come after you in a hurry, or you’ll be rid of his company. Not much to lose either way.

  2. Ice Raven says:

    May he enjoy his early FALL ! 😉 ,,.,. {*v*}

  3. maileguy says:

    While tossing him over has appeal, giving him a kiss may allow more potential plotlines… unless he can grab the scaffold….
    I go with kiss.

  4. mvandinter says:

    The thing is… many people seem to genuinely despise Roderick… which sounds bad, but is actually great since it means readers are engaging with the characters. So, his badness is good, right?

    • Stonefoot says:

      Actually, yes (I think). He makes a good foil for Alice and Charlie. He’s certainly not a likable person, but he’s not really evil either, more thoughtless and self-centered.

      Also there’s the question of where you want to take the girls’ characters. Having them (grudgingly) put up with Roderick shows them as good people. If they push him off, it will be very difficult to show them as likable… still possible, but tricky.

      So I say keep him because I want Alice and Charlie to be the kind of people who wouldn’t push him off… and, by the way, he could be useful to the plot in the future.

  5. Harrow says:

    Alice and Charlotte are sweet girls, completely civilized and well reared. They would not for a moment seriously consider dropping Roderick over the railing.

    DANGLING Roderick over the railing, however…


  6. mvandinter says:

    Dangling! I hadn’t thought of that. Hmmm…

  7. Kenoscope says:

    impact in 6…5…4…3… Aww, the three legged crow grabbed him. Oh well, we have his jacket and look, oh my a KEY!

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