7 Responses to Prologue 2 | Page 29

  1. Harrow says:

    Page 21 (Apr 1) seems to show Roderick peering out through a porthole from inside the vehicle. But starting with page 25 (Apr 29) he seems to be locked out along with the girls.

    Is that Roderick on page 21? Doesn’t Alice notice that he was inside a few minutes ago?


    • mvandinter says:

      You may have to wait until the next page to get the answer to your question 😉

      • Guesticus says:

        How could she possibly have forgotten that face leering at her? Unless it was such a horrendous sight she blocked it from her memory

        • mvandinter says:

          Oh, she hasn’t forgotten. You’ll notice by the dialogue on this and the preceding page that she knows him quite well.

  2. Rod says:

    His behavior seems to be that of an average, normal human male. Nothing unusual here.

  3. Aslandus says:

    Wait, Rodrick locked himself out so he could greet them at the top of the ladder? He must have some kind of plan…

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