14 Responses to Prologue 2 | Page 32

  1. Ed8 says:

    I think she would have been better off kissing the distinguished gentleman in the vote incentive gif.

  2. dredogastus f says:

    Roderick and Alice look like amateurs at kissing. They made the beginners mistake of bumping noses.

  3. Guesticus says:

    Wait, she regularly kisses her mother on the lips? O_o

    Umm, so, who kisses better? Rod or her mother?

  4. MidnightDStroyer says:

    “I just couldn’t bring myself to draw the actual lip-lock. Ewww.”
    Considering what Rod’s teeth look like, I thank you for that consideration. Even hidden from direct view, I still got the heebie-jeebies.

  5. Aslandus says:

    Looks like Philo has competition, he’ll have to step up his game from actively repelling her

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