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  1. Frank Harr says:

    Oooooooooo, the plot thickens! This is so exciting!

    You know, recently I saw a video on the origens of the whole lizard-people thing. It was interesting.

    I’m looking forward to the next instalment!

  2. wintermute says:

    I notice Mr. Lizard failed to answer the first question.

    • mvandinter says:

      Ah hah! You caught that very-intentional omission. Any theories as to what the omitted answer might have been?

      • jsfury says:

        It might mean that the lizard people have killed there victims and stole there close. Or they captured them and stowed them away ans took there close. Oooor they ARE the people themselves that have been transformed by some powers that we are not privy to at the moment. If the later is the case their minds are in an altered state where as they are not remember things that made them who they were. This is also to serve the Queen with no resistance to her will.

        I will say this, “Wait, you’re not a man dressed as a woman, are you?” Take a few steps closer pal and you may find a well placed foot in your face, as I’m sure Alice is plenty capable of.

        Alice you don’t have to wonder about anything. You are a woman, albeit a feisty one.

        • mvandinter says:

          You’re on the right track, jsfury, especially if you keep in mind my tendency to steal ideas that predate the birth of any reader’s living relatives. I do doubt Alice worries about not being a woman so much as resenting her status vis-à-vis men.

          • jsfury says:

            Actually Matt, I think Alice’s’ status is pretty good considering she’s been able to do her will despite any protest from her male protagonist. She’s a tough gal, so to her little sister who I think surreptitiously looks up to her. You know, every page you lay down for us just keeps drawing us in more an more. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

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