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  1. Thorin Schmidt says:

    I believe the word is actually spelled pagan. Interesting how there’s a palace and also woven huts.

    • mvandinter says:

      Proof-Reader Award Thanks, Thorin! Help is always appreciated!

    • HumalaDuck says:

      They could be hide-covered huts. It’s hard to tell from this distance.

      • mvandinter says:

        I like HumalaDuck’s idea. Number One, Make it so!

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        My comment was really interesting that there were huts at all, given the stone construction and well-built howdah.

        • mvandinter says:

          How about… ummm… set dressing?

        • Frank Harr says:

          They’ve had a very interesting history filled with ups and downs and a very strongly divided class structure.

          • Thorin Schmidt says:

            That makes some sense.

          • HumalaDuck says:

            In the few days we have left before the next page drops, maybe we can intuit what some of these changes have been?

            If that is a palace they are approaching, we can assume from the beheaded ginormous statue that a king–if not a dynasty–has been toppled. If it’s a temple, then a god has gotten the shove.

            Anyone have a good read on what it means that the head of status still lays at the feet? Is there something extra contemptuous about leaving it in evidence instead of having it, say, pulverized? How about the fact that the rest of the statue still stands? Could whoever is in charge now have plans to install a new head up there? Are the lizard men too short in attention span to complete the task, and that was as much effort as could be squeezed out of them?

  2. Saibot says:

    FYI, Pagan has two A’s.

    PS: Really appreciate the eight-legged Rhino-ceratops thingies. Stirs a longing to binge watch Herculoids.

  3. Frank Harr says:

    Someone came in and took over? Interesting. I smell plot! The headless statue is a nice touch. It suggests very focussed violence, mostly centered on their cultural expectations.

    I admire Alice’s ability to sight-see while avoiding the person who seems to have taken the O-3 over. Well done her.

    There’s always a child looking after the livestock with their foot on a fence rail watching the show. I’m sure if the critters didn’t need fencing, they’d still make a small portion so that a person could do that without having to find a rock or a tree something.

  4. Yakumo says:

    And the seed of blasphemy may have been planted in Alice’s head.

    • mvandinter says:

      Seed of Blasphemy. OK. So what grows from the seed? Wait. Am I supposed to know the answer to that?

      • Yakumo says:

        I meant the idea that Alice can topple the patriarchy of the Anglican church and marry God/Christ (it gets more confusing with a religion that recognizes the Trinity than a straight forward pagan religion). That would be considered a blasphemy by near to all sides of the Christian faith, including several that condemn each other.

        I assume you weren’t having her try that, if she ever returns to England or even and Episcopal Commonwealth nation.

  5. Frank Harr says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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