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  1. jsfury says:

    WHOA, scary. They even got the good captain. Don’t know what he means by “we”, unless these are not the people that were on board the ship. Were they all killed and there close taken? Or are they the captain and crew mutated? Cue Theremin. (Unfortunately I can’t put a picture of it here.)

    That’s quite the dino beast you’ve drawn. part pachyderm, part Brontosaurus. Interesting.

    • mvandinter says:

      Dinosaur/Pachyderm’s scientific Name: Proboscisaurus

      • Frank Harr says:

        Just as soon as Philo publishes. Published. Something.

      • jsfury says:

        Pro-bosoci-‘saur-us, Herbivore.

        A humongous quadruped with elongated nose that can articulate much like it’s distant cousins of the future, the elephant. Able to smell for great distances, a fully grown Proboscisaurus can weigh as much as 20 tons, and measure from nose to tail tip 19.812 meters (65 feet) long. Adult males and females both can grow tusk averaging 1.8288 to 2.4384 meters (6 to 8 feet) long. Generally docile creature, but don’t get between the adults and their new born offspring.

        • mvandinter says:

          Your definition was so perfect, I had to go to google to see if that was an actual animal.

          The Unearth version also has a camel-like hump.

          • jsfury says:

            Dang, if I had know that I would have made an entry to that point. I hope you found my dictionary type description entertaining. I had fun writing it.

  2. Frank Harr says:

    Well, Eaton was an Army captain, so in U.S. terms he was an O-3, and a Naval O-3 is a Lieutenant, so that works for me, if anachronistic.

    That “We” is interesting.

    I hope I’m giving nothing away when I that Mrph mrph mr mr mrph about the voting incentive. I never knew that about our young Charlie.

  3. Thorin Schmidt says:

    So it was all clever foreshadowing with a clever bit of misspelling then? Naming him Captain Eaten I mean?

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