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  1. Erik Van Thienen says:

    Won’t she like her new career as “She-who-must-be-obeyed”?

  2. Yakumo says:

    Although it’s for the purpose of blame, Alice admits she believes herself to be captivated by Milo. *eyebrow*

    • wintermute says:

      Captive, captivated… It’s close.

      Also: what happened to the little avatars?

      • mvandinter says:

        The little avatars came courtesy of a wordpress plugin that hasn’t been updated in 6 years, and went all wonky when I wasn’t paying attention.

    • mvandinter says:

      I wonder if I’ll ever manage to get Philo and Alice in the same room again.

      • jsfury says:

        It would be a treat for us if you would please. MORE PAGES! MORE PAGES DAMN IT! 😜

        • mvandinter says:

          I agree with you, jsfury! Why can’t mvandinter work on Unearth full-time and get paid for it?!

          • jsfury says:

            Place an embarrassed face emoticon here. (Can’t find any that are really good to use.) Sorry mvandinter. I was just teasing a little, but I wasn’t trying to vex you in anyway, and I’m sorry if I did. I know you have other projects you work on, plus your job away from the drawing table. I, (we) are appreciative of any pages you give us when you can. Thank you sir/mama? for this whimsical comic, we do appreciate it.

            • mvandinter says:

              No sweat, jsfury! No apologies necessary! I’m not vexed at all, though I guess my previous reply does betray a hint of a smidgen of smoldering frustration about the pointlessness of existence and the inevitability of death. But that’s all in good fun 😉

  3. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Hey! Truffula trees! Won’t the Lorax be pleased! Just no one tell the Onceler!

  4. jsfury says:

    Wow, Alice isn’t even on the damn ship. She special prize this one, we take her to Queen.

  5. Uhl says:

    She must be one sound sleeper if she doesn’t notice she’s been taken until she’s on the back of a dino, being shaken about.

  6. Wyvern says:

    Suggested alt-text for the vote-incentive comic: The tea must go on!

    • mvandinter says:

      Facepalm Award Yes, Wyvern, it must!

      • HumalaDuck says:

        Speaking of the TWC voting…I only just now realized that it’s labeled as “UNEARTH REDUUX on Smackjeeves”. And, indeed, if, after entering your vote, you click on “Return to the comic you just voted for” it bring the user to the Smackjeeves page for Unearth. Seeing how out of date Unearth on Smackjeeves is, you might want to change that to unearthcomic.com. Also any vote icons you have in their mix, if indeed it’s possible to change those. Considering how many of their vote icons are out of date, it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t offer the option there.

        (I’m very much not a fan of TopWebComics, but I still vote for the comics I follow.)

        • mvandinter says:

          Hi HumalaDuck – The TopWebComics voting is intentionally linked to Unearth on Smackjeeves (as is the “The Prologue Resurrected” Tab/Link at the top of this page). It’s actually a RELAUNCH of Unearth, beginning with the Updated/Revised Prologue. I’m posting 3-pages-per-week on Smackjeeves until it catches up with unearthcomic.com. It’s my hope to find a new/larger audience. Fingers crossed.

  7. Wyvern says:

    Well, she’s riding in a palanquin, on the back of a pachyderm… does that make her an infanta?

    • Wyvern says:

      (I tried to include a link in the post above, but it didn’t parse. If anyone doesn’t get the reference, just Google “Decemberists Infanta lyrics”.)

      • mvandinter says:

        clickable links would require setting up sign-ins for commenters, BUT you can just paste the link as text: genius.com/The-decemberists-the-infanta-lyrics

    • mvandinter says:

      Yes, Wyvern, it does mean Alice is a big baby.

  8. Frank says:

    She’s going to have to get over this “This isn’t real” thing.

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