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  1. Uhl says:

    Arise, ARISE!

  2. JJ says:

    So what you’re saying is the lizard people don’t build smooth roads? Or if this is Napoleon’s tunnel, perhaps the French are to blame…

  3. Yakumo says:

    Alas, mvandinter. He literally left Alice hanging for a month, then tussles her up in the comic AND in a gif below the comic. I could see her coming out of the comic to throttle him.

    • mvandinter says:

      The Author is open to art commissions wherein the fictitious Alice Wollstone throttles mvandinter.

  4. Thorin Schmidt says:

    I’d think she would be MORE upset about the cleavage shot he took while she was sleeping. But I guess since she was asleep when he did it he’ll be alright as long as no one says anythin… oops.

    • mvandinter says:

      Alice lives in the early 19th Century where Empire fashions were big on cleavage, as were the portraits of the day. Those “cleavage shots” required the subjects to sit patiently for hours and hours while artists painted them, after which the painting would be put proudly on display in the their homes.

      • Erik Van Thienen says:

        “The bosom and shoulders of a very young and fair girl may be displayed without exciting much displeasure or disgust.” – _Mirror of Graces; or the English Lady’s Costume_, London, 1811

  5. Marc E Luzietti says:

    Is it still a palanquin if you’re not friends?

  6. jsfury says:

    Awright, who’s levitating our gal Alice. She looks a little anxious, worried. Wait a minute, this is a new page. OH MY GOD! A NEWWWW PAGE!!! QUICK, TO THE ABBY. SOUND THE CHURCH BELLS!

  7. jsfury says:

    Hey, I just noticed something. Alice is NOT being levitated. Something has jarred the whole ship. If it was just Alice, the pillows would have stayed on the bed where she lay. Something more to this scene then meets the eye. What’s throwing me off is no sound effects. Still I should have noticed this instead of focusing on Alice’s cleavage. 😳

  8. Frank says:

    They need a new suspention system on that thing.

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