8 Responses to Chapter 3 | Page 72

  1. Petaybee says:

    Me: “Sweet, more Kaiju!” 😀

    Ken Watanabe: “Let them Fight!” 😡

  2. Luces says:

    Seems like Philo definitely expected a breakthrough in untamed country. (His porters did not, but who asks them?) He’s showing a true boy-scout-mentality. Minus the common sense to turn around, when in danger.

  3. wintermute says:

    I know! Let’s bring home King Clawfoot! We’ll stage a show where all the press can show up with flashbulbs and…

  4. Wyvern says:

    Typo alert: “substantial” not “substancial”.

  5. Benjamin says:

    Good ole King Clawfoot the beneficent. May he reign a thousand years.

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