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  1. Thorin Schmidt says:

    It’s… It’s… A Prehistoric Plumber!
    I wonder if he’s come to fix the sink…

    • mvandinter says:

      Facepalm Award I should have seen that coming.

      • Yakumo says:

        You really should have, you know.

        I have to admit, bow far the drawers are down seems much to me. I get that drawers that don’t cover the back completely denote stupidity or primitiveness or such, but as drawn with that much crack ij the back showing, that fur is more confining the legs than covering the section you’d expect it to.

        • Yakumo says:

          Sorry, no meant to say HOW far…not BOW far…, though I guess you can say the drawers are.taking quite a bow.

          • mvandinter says:

            The truth be told, it’s actually back fat, and not butt crack. But whatever.

            • Yakumo says:

              Huh. I have seen the ‘man boobs’ phenomenon in real life, but can’t say if I’ve particularly notice back fat do that or not.

    • Lilithmae says:

      I… laughed entirely more than can be in any way appropriate…

      I have no regrets.

  2. Uhl says:

    Why does she think taking off her shoes gives her an advantage?

  3. Golux says:

    Disposing of the clunky, showy foot breakers and blister makers. Despite the invention of steam power, this civilization either hasn’t invented reasonably priced hiking shoes, or thinks they aren’t worth wasting on girls. So she does the sensible thing any tomboy has been doing for as long as feminine differentiated footwear has been in a society, put the callouses to work, which she’s already been doing long enough to not give it a second thought.

  4. Luces says:

    It’s the first shoe-fetishist ever. With the first shoes.

  5. Cartoonicus says:

    I love your art style. She’s so cute there in her little bare feet.

  6. Frank says:

    Minor chooooorrrrrrrd!

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