12 Responses to Chapter 3 | Page 73

  1. Thorin Schmidt says:

    So…. which one is Charlie?
    Hunter? Predator? Eccentric Aristocrat?

    Maybe she’s ALL THREE!

  2. wintermute says:

    “Sir, there is another matter of some urgency.”

    Get a grip, Godfrey, this is not the time to panic.

  3. Hornet says:

    Trapped between a miniature menace and Carnivorous Thunder Lizard, is not where I’d want to be.

  4. W Murphy says:

    I wonder how Alice managed to get ahead of them?

    • Number 6 says:

      Now that was uncalled for. The vicious, snarling, man-eating dinosaur strongly resents that comparison!

  5. Number 6 says:

    Philo may not want to shoot Charlie, but it appears one of his men is taking aim anyway! (Maybe he thinks it might be Alice instead?)

  6. wnp says:

    “persuit”, as in playing with spades in a hearts game? I suppose if you’re trying to say something witty, otherwise I’d go with “pursuit”.

  7. Frank says:

    Yeah. You’ve got a problem with that?

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