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  1. Ed8 says:

    Bah! Litmus tests are only good for determining acidity of solutions. You can’t let a silly little thing like that deter Unearth! Why, the U.S. tried to have the first satellite in space, failed at that, then when they did get to launch, their first try at that EXPLODED. Less than 12 years later they were walking on the MOON! Surely this grand voyage to inner space deserves at least the same chance as the one to outer space! Give it another 12 years, and we’ll see how it goes. (If not, you can always switch to a Pony theme then)

    • mvandinter says:

      “another 12 years”? Yes, you’ve convinced me of the futility of existence.

      • Ed8 says:

        At 1.6 years for the Prologue, that should put us about a third of the way into Chapter 7 in 12 years. How many Chapters are there going to be? I’ve calculated that if I put away 60 cents a day for the next 12 years, I will be able to fully fund the entire 2026 Unearth Kickstarter myself. I’ve already saved up my $0.60 for today. See, I’m planning ahead already!

        • mvandinter says:

          Ed, I’m seriously considering emailing you the graphic novel’s plot outline (with all spoilers included), just so you can have some cathartic closure 😉

  2. Uhl says:

    Now the “angel” gargoyle, and “Mistress” are facepalming.

    Does Dult have some kind of homing mechanism on her or what?

    • Ed8 says:

      He may have had some reasonable guess of where she went since that’s where they entered the overworld from. Or maybe it’s just lizard-people pheromones.

  3. N8 the great says:

    I can see mvandinter’s point, he has a family to take care of can’t get donation’s to pay for the work or get the book published… And I’m not helping. Again stating it didn’t help.

    • Ed8 says:

      True, but it’s the big payoff at the end that counts: Unearth -The Motion Picture Trilogy !! Just think about how much dough J. R. R. Tolkien made off those LotR movies!

      OK, so maybe that’s not the best example.

  4. aase says:

    I think you put your finger on at least part of the problem when you started the Kickstarter and said something like “would anyone buy a book that is just a prologue?” (though I might have dreamt it since I can’t find it now). At least for me the answer is yes, I might buy a book that is just a prologue, but only if I was fairly convinced that I would eventually want to buy the rest of the story too. With Unearth, I’ve been following it for a little while now, and it seems promising, but I am too uncertain of where it’s going to have formed a definite opinion yet. Jane Austen + Jules Verne + Dinosaurs + Apparently some kind of zombie-ish creatures? It could be GREAT, but I need to see more before I am convinced that you will pull it off and/or that it will not turn out to be some type of story that I’m not that fond of. If you need money a Patreon might be more suitable at this point – I would be prepared to support you a little in that way just to make sure that I do get to see where this is heading, and then if it turns out I don’t like it I can just stop – and hopefully by then you would in that case have developed a readership that DO like that kind of story (whatever it might be). (I will add a small donation to the Kickstarter now for the same reason, but it seems doubtful it will make much difference)

    Ok, I am tired so I suspect the above got at bit muddled, but I’m trying to give you some encouragement – just because your Kickstarter failed now (or at least seem very likely to do so) it does not mean that you might not run a very successful one, say to publish the prologue and ‘book 1’, once the story have gotten a bit further.

    I really hope this will not discourage you so much that you stop making the comic – as I said I am really curious to find out where it is heading, and have high hopes for it 🙂

    • mvandinter says:

      Thanks for the feedback, aase. You make a lot of valid points, and I’ll take them into consideration 🙂

  5. Ed8 says:

    Can you do polls on this thing? How about a poll for “if you didn’t contribute to the kickstarter, why not?”
    A. I’m poor, food is important to me
    B. I only like cool stuff when I can get it for free
    C. I haven’t decided if I like Unearth that much yet
    D. I spent all my money on my tea-related obsession
    E. I meant to but procrastinated
    F. I would have, but I figured it wan’t going to fully fund anyway
    G. ????? etc…. I’m not really sure what good reasons might be added to the list. Suggestions anyone?

    • mvandinter says:


      Please don’t worry so much about why Unearth doesn’t engage readers’ interest as much as it does yours (or mine) 😉

      It’s a webcomic WITHOUT sex, violence, profanity, or pop-culture references. It’s DEVOID of superheros, fairies, furries, and video-game cliches.

      It’s not for everybody, and it couldn’t be without being something else entirely.

      • Ed8 says:

        Sorry, just trying to be helpful 🙁

        Though now that you put it that way – “WITHOUT sex, violence, profanity, or pop-culture references. It’s DEVOID of superheros, fairies, furries, and video-game cliches” …. I’m surprised it has any readers at all! 😀

    • wintermute says:

      You forgot an important option:

      H. I did pledge, you insensitive clod!

      But seriously, don’t get too discouraged, Matthew. This has the makings of a great comic. If you can maybe do as others have recommended, a Patreon or something, many of us would be happy to contribute to help offset the costs for you to keep this going in some capacity. I want to see where this is going! And I love the setting, the characters, and the artwork!

      • mvandinter says:

        Thanks for the encouragement AND for pledging! I even know your real name now, wintermute. Don’t worry, though. Your secret identity is safe with me!

  6. Aslandus says:

    Apparently the constable isn’t tough enough to bring Dult to jail. Maybe he’ll have actually found the butler this time…

  7. Atrox7 says:

    So far I am really enjoying unearth! One of the reasons is exactly because:

    “It’s a webcomic WITHOUT sex, violence, profanity, or pop-culture references. It’s DEVOID of superheros, fairies, furries, and video-game cliches.”

    Please keep up the great work!

    I’m recommending it to others as well. However, when I’m asked what it’s about, I’m forced to admit I don’t quite know yet. I believe that’s why the Kickstarter failed.

    The plot (as I understand it) so far:

    FIRST: A weird lizard woman is trying to get a servant to kidnap a butler. SECOND: Meanwhile two young people are arguing in a big machine about their impending engagement.

    That’s it…

    Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m loving everything done so far. But there hasn’t been enough story revealed yet to have much of a conversation about it with someone else. Word of mouth is what will generate buzz, and make a campaign succeed.

    Get through chapter one at least and try again. But in no way take the failed kickstarter as a condemnation of the comic or what you are trying to accomplish! This has the beginnings of greatness! The kickstarter likely has provided some needed visibility and pulled in new readers.

    It can only grow up from here, um…, even if the characters are drilling down…

  8. crazyman says:

    Don’t give up on Kickstarter; try again after “Reading Rainbow” has finished. In the meantime, are those hoofbeats I hear? The cops or the expendable servant? Only time will tell… 😀

    • mvandinter says:

      I just checked out the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter: That’s a much better use of money than my silly webcomic.

  9. N8 the great says:

    I just want to tell you guys your the best webcomic community around, and am glad to count myself among you.

  10. N8 the great says:

    Oh!Oh! I have an idea how about you meet up with another webcomic! Unfortunately, do to little things like”time” and “common sense” all I can think of is a slightly elderly book cop visiting England, where he would proceed to kill the lizardmen with books. Yeah, I don’t think my idea looks so good anymore.

  11. Wyvern says:

    Could it be a dead horse, perhaps?

    Also, is that a weeping angel I see?

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