Prologue 5 | Page 82

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My Little Unearth

My 9 year old daughter has offered her artistic and literary talents to help keep Unearth going should the sinking Kickstarter stall the project. She’s already started working on the first chapter of the Graphic Novel:

MyLittleUnearth_01The choice of giving Unearth a pony-makeover shows that my daughter has a better sense of marketing than I do.

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13 Responses to Prologue 5 | Page 82

  1. Two-A says:

    Should’ve used that in the promo video. 😛

    Looks like this is it for our intrepid “hero”.

  2. crazyman says:

    Loving the”My Little Pony” makeover. 😀

  3. Hornet says:

    Okay, How’s she supposed to get the Butler then???

  4. N8 the great says:

    The henchman is doing an awesome job he might not be able to find a butler with his only reference point being a vague description of what butlers look like, but he repeatedly kidnapped people all over the city, kidnapping half a dozen before being noticed and then he gets the police man sent to arrest him in a sack and drags him halfway across the city. Don’t fire him give him better instructions or a new job more suited to his skills. Wow that’s longer than I thought it would be. Not that stating that helped.

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