18 Responses to Prologue 4 | Page 60

  1. CapnPanda says:

    I’m gonna take a wild guess and say… that last part wasn’t just in his thoughts.

  2. alurker says:

    You know, I think a psychologist would have a field day with the imagery in his last visualisation.
    Me, I’m just a little intimidated.

  3. dredogastus f says:

    Alice has the power to grow to giant size.
    I am loving this story that is full of well turned language and manners.

  4. Britta says:

    I really like your writing very much. And I wish you Merry Christmas!

  5. BowenTheKotoc says:

    Instead of beauty killing the beast, beauty _is_ the beast!

  6. wright1 says:

    Can’t stop giggling at the mini-comic at the bottom of the page… I have a 9 year-old nephew who’s been running my poor sister a bit ragged lately.

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