19 Responses to Prologue 4 | Page 59

  1. Ed8 says:

    Well, Roderick had to be related to someone there, otherwise why would anyone keep him around? There’s always that one relative you’re stuck with.

    I see Father has the correct period and class-appropriate ailment – what would a good proper older wealthy Englishman of the time be without a proper case of gout – The Disease of Kings!

    Also, 2nd “d” missing from “understandably”.

  2. alurker says:

    So… She breaks his toys, insults him AND tells on him to his parents?
    Yeah, she’s so into him.

  3. Aslandus says:

    Aha! he’s planning to visit his girlfriend in France

  4. gamall says:

    Well well, I just caught up on two months of updates, and yet I couldn’t spot the tiniest typo in the new pages. Verily, my disappointment knows no bounds. Admittedly, the dearth of French dialogue in the current part is probably to blame.

    Gory eye-arrow action might constitute a suitable substitute, though.

  5. davidbreslin101 says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an “imaginary” scene put in the FOREground of a panel like this before! Neat effect, and the way the butler’s pointing makes it even funnier.

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