16 Responses to Chapter 5 | Page 126

  1. éflatigra says:

    C’est une façon vraiment différente de voir les gens de mon pays!

    * That is definitely a different way to see people from my country!

  2. Frank Harr says:

    Maybe the Emperor is of Emperoring somewhere else. He may not want to explain about St. Helena.

    Interesting story with Grog. Mind you, I’d assumed they meant Paris above ground, not Paris under the Sleeve.

    And yet, I’m less scared of this voting incentive than last.

  3. Thorin Schmidt says:

    I wonder if the Field Marshal is going to wind up being the Engineer that dug the tunnel?

  4. Thorin Schmidt says:

    When did I go from being King of Facepalms, to logical and all-knowing?

    Ummmmm…. When they meet the Field Marshal, he’ll say something dumb and Charlie will kick him in the shins! Oh wait, Ogg has her shoe. She’ll hit him with a pot!

    • Frank Harr says:

      Facepalm-worthy posts is a skill. You’ve been out of practice. You’ll get it back.

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        Thanks, Frank! You’re right, of course. I need to work out a bit before attempting to reclaim my title… I’ll start small, with some puns maybe, then work up from there.

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