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  1. Alphaghoul says:

    I’m not on her side I still think she’s a horrible person.

  2. wintermute says:

    OF COURSE Charlie is the protagonist! Duh!

    Speaking of which, Roddy is about to lose an arm.

  3. Aslandus says:

    She’s got moxie, but apparently not the sheer punching power to break faces with one hit…

  4. Apvogt says:

    Reverend Playfair and Godfrey are going to look away for one second and in that second she’s going to reveal she can also teleport by teleporting into he drill.

    • mvandinter says:

      Is that a spoiler? Hmmm…

    • My guess is she’ll wait until the drill is almost gone, then sprint out and leap onto the Balcony at the top. Then she’ll pound on the door until Roddy lets her in, just for the amusement of seeing her go after Philo…

      Roddy will trade letting Charlie go on the trip in exchange for NOT getting beat up because of having his arm around her in the last panel…

      • mvandinter says:

        Thorin, have you already read this story somewhere else? Your predictions are uncanny 😉

        • It’s just dumb luck! I Swear!…. oh, and pay no attention to that big blue cabinet in the corner… it’s not a time machine or anything like that where I could possibly jump ahead the next few weeks and read the comic early…. cuz…. that would be silly, right?

      • Apvogt says:

        Maybe she’ll use the hatch Roddy showed her in the prologue.

        • mvandinter says:

          Do you mean the one on the very top of the driller? How would she get up there?

          • Apvogt says:

            Oh I meant after she jumped on as described by Thorin.

            • wintermute says:

              I’m picturing her attaching a rope to one of those anchors and rappelling down the hole behind the machine to catch them. 😉

              • mvandinter says:

                You may be picturing it, but that doesn’t mean the artist is drawing it 😉

                • Aslandus says:

                  Then we can describe anything we want, such as the rope running out before she lands, forcing her to use a long snake to rappel down when she runs out of length….

                  Then running out of snake, forcing her to tie some bats into a parachute and drop down with them tied to her back using the snake…

  5. Timni16 says:

    …*whispers* I still love Alice though…she can punch ANYONE she likes to

  6. Drank says:

    Thank goodness my little brother wasn’t like that.

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