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  1. Apvogt says:

    Well, Alice was just going to wave the axe around for a bit to put emphasis on how angry she was, but his comment made her decide to lodge it into the wooden railing conviently behind him. I think Eaton has picked up what exactly is going on, but the Reverand hasn’t.

  2. Peter Sadlon says:

    I wholy agree with the author’s commentary.

    • mvandinter says:

      “Pssst! Peter!” The author whispered emphatically. “Whatever you do, don’t trust anything the author says in the commentary. He’s a sick bastard who is just trolling himself!”

      • Peter Sadlon says:


        Seriously though, the dude is obviously a schmuck. Either marry the fairly attractive woman or let yourself be disowned/disinherited. No need for the sneaking off.

        Oh and Father, I suggest at least removing your hand. If you don’t you might be lucky to only get mauled.

        • Uhl says:

          There is nothing wrong with wanting to AVOID being married to a woman who has, on several occasions, made it quite clear that SHE ABSOLUTELY HATES YOU, and is only going through with the ARRANGED marriage purely for the sake of money, but God forbid anyone else should say that. Oh, and she’s also prone to bouts of excessive, and often unprovoked violence, particularly with deadly weapons.

  3. Aslandus says:

    Now you must use your teeth to murder him. Unfortunately a bit messier, but much more satisfying when the screaming stops…

    • mvandinter says:

      Teeth attack? As in blood-sucking or brain-eating? But that would add an undead element to this comic that might attract a larger readership! We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

  4. Timni16 says:

    Uuuggggghhhhh are they even listening to what she was saying????

    • mvandinter says:

      No. They are not. I don’t even listen to what she says and I’m the one writing her dialog.

      • Peter Sadlon says:

        You know, some people have a way of emphasizing the gravity of their words… Alice might let them fall once she delivers her point however.

  5. Hornet says:

    Okay which part of the first part does she beg to differ on the “tragically apart” or the “in love” part? Or are they the 2 counts and she’s avoiding the hysterical part???

    • mvandinter says:

      After going back over the page panels with a ruler and a protractor, I’ve come up with a geometric answer to your inquiry: The 2 counts are neatly grouped by 2 intersecting bubble-shapes 😉

  6. Wisknort says:

    I just realised Alice has magic outfit-changing powers.

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