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  1. Ed8 says:

    She really should be more careful with the random acts of violence. If she accidentally kills him, then she will have to marry the person who is next in line to inherit that family fortune. If she thinks she has it bad now….

  2. NotFred says:

    Ouch. Ouch! and OUCH!

    The rating of this conversation is rapidly escalating 🙂

    • mvandinter says:

      You mean we’re approaching PG? Do you think I should go for the R?

      • NotFred says:

        I think Charlie should start thinking of get out of line of fire, both verbal and balistical 🙂

        Now I understand Philo saying this is a dangerous place for a child… with them!!

        About the rating, well, it depends on how Philo is going to phrase his reply, and perhaps the point of view if Alice decides to jump at him over the table 🙂

  3. Talewinds says:

    It’s a mug’s game.

  4. Nomi says:

    Between “Philo and ME.” I’m sure she has a grasp of proper grammar, as with so much else….

    • mvandinter says:

      Weekly Proof-Reader Award
      Sincere thanks, Nomi! (refresh to see fixed version)

    • Guesticus says:

      Shouldn’t the correcter phrase be “Philo and I.”? ‘Me’ tends to go first

      • mvandinter says:

        Weekly Proof-Reader Award
        Guesticus needs an award because he’s right as well. Spoken dialogue doesn’t necessarily have to follow prose rules. As for my poor proofing, that’s inexcusable!

      • NotFred says:

        Hey, hi. Glad to see you over here too 🙂

        • NotFred says:

          (this do not nest the comments!)

          Intended to be reply to Guesticus.

          • mvandinter says:

            Sorry about the comment nesting. It’s not broken. It’s just that the WordPress template this is built on top of doesn’t support sub-nesting. My CSS skills are limited, but I’ll see if I can come up with a work-a-round.

            • NotFred says:

              Hope you do not mind…
              I know nothing about WordPress but a quick search give me a couple clues.

              …it seems that you do have “nested comments” active (they have the “reply” buttom), in that case the problem is that there are no indented… (MESSAGE ABBREVIATED)

              • mvandinter says:

                Thanks for looking into it, NotFred. I’ll take a look. I hope you don’t mind that I abbreviated your text here. Don’t worry, I saved the original 🙂

  5. Two-A says:

    That’s one resilient cup.

    • mvandinter says:

      It’s a metal cup based on the sort used aboard ships of a certain era. At least that’s the idea I was working with.

      • NoneCallMeTim says:

        I like the detail of the flat bottomed mug, I recognised it as being a ‘boat mug’. I imagine it would be quite difficult to drink the last bit though.

        • mvandinter says:

          I assume the wide bottom was for stability at sea, but I see the problem with drinking from it. I’m now picturing sailors wearing baby bibs to catch spillage.

  6. CapnPanda says:

    I am going to guess that eventually it will be shown Alice wants him for more than just his money. She wants his furniture too.

    • mvandinter says:

      Poor Alice. I’m not sure she even wants Philo’s money, let alone his furniture. He’s got a pretty good butler. That might sweeten the deal.

    • Talewinds says:

      And his family jewels.

      Um… I mean the diamonds, emeralds and carnelians etc.

  7. wintermute says:

    Prediction: The mug ricochets off of Philo’s (admittedly hard) head, lands on the “Start” button (and damages the mechanism, thereby preventing the occupants of the vehicle from stopping it), and we begin our incredible adventure! There’s no stopping now!

    • NotFred says:

      Ooh, early but nice, I was just guessing what kind of event would trigger it.

      However I will bet to the aftermath of Roddy pranking Godfrey.

      PS: Greeting from Case 😉

  8. CptNerd says:

    Slight spelling/grammar problem in panel one: “But try you keep it to yourself for once”.

  9. Guesticus says:

    Not as good as two heads being bonked together, but it’s a start 😀

  10. Guesticus says:

    So, ‘Gack!’ is Charliese for ‘Klunk the idiot in the head!’?

  11. Guesticus says:

    That works, but it seemed more like Charlie was giving Alice the go ahead (not that she probably could have stopped her anyway :P)

  12. Aslandus says:

    Mug uses tackle
    It’s super effective
    Philo flinches

  13. Silentreader says:

    I found this while my regular web comic is on Hiatus, and wow. Thank you so much for this regency awesomeness!

    On another note, it should be added to everyone’s common sense that one should not accuse someone of marrying for money in the third person when that person is across the table with a mug and lethal aim.

  14. Quieteyes says:

    You know, I didn’t think of it until I started reading the comments, but it suddenly occurs to me there are other things that mug can hit on the rebound. Things like levers, dials, … the start button! 🙂

  15. Guesticus says:

    Early days of D&D-ing (before fully understood the alignment thing), when ever it said that a class could be “Any Alignment” they tended to be “Neutral Evil” (N E + Any), so now press the ‘N’ key

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