12 Responses to Prologue 3 | Page 43

  1. gamall says:

    “Quel dommage!”, not “quelle”: dommage is masculine, “quelle” is the feminine form.

  2. gamall says:

    … and I did not even notice the missing “m” the first time. Tsk tsk.

    Quelle honte, mon bon monsieur!

  3. Stig Hemmer says:

    Ah, silly Napoleon, asking such practical questions. Way to shatter a nice dream.

    • mvandinter says:

      Oh, Stig Hemmer, don’t fret. This and upcoming pages are just placeholders while the stick-figure team ramps up to speed (see comments on page 41).

  4. Guesticus says:

    The problem that shorter guy (is he really shorter than Nappy? or just kneeling out of fear?) has is that he is planning on making a fancy tunnel, rather than simply one that is quick and will stay up long enough for the troops to get through, not like they ever plan on having a mass-transit carriage going between the 2 countries >.>

    • mvandinter says:

      You are correct about Farraux being short. And, yes, he does have a grandiose idea of himself… his own Napoleon Complex… which will be important many, many pages from now. Many. Holy cow, what did I get myself into?

      • Apvogt says:

        Wait, he is short, and a mining engineer. He’s a dwarf who shaved so he can go around without drawing too much attention to himself.

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