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  1. Wisknort says:

    Ho hum. Didn’t realise how short it was first time I came through; I got to page 31 when only 33 was up.

    Dem ads. Not quite as good as Miamaska’s ads, but pretty close. It made me well and truly curious. Though the comic hasn’t quite lived up to them, but Alice and Charlie are funny enough anyway.

    So hey. Is now on my list.

    • Wisknort says:

      Also: Alice is a descendant of Napoleon? They both have the arrow power!

    • mvandinter says:

      Thanks for adding it to your list. Any suggestions on what might help the comic live up to the banner ads?

      • BowenTheKotoc says:

        I think the only “problem” is that the ads show things that haven’t happened in the comic yet, so they’re not representational of what is available to read so far. They give a good taste of what’s to come, though, I think.

        • mvandinter says:

          The ads are teasers, sort of. I’ll let you in on a secret: This lengthy prologue is a testing ground… for me as an artist, for the characters, and to see if I can find an audience.

          • Ed8 says:

            Wait a minute….if there’s not enough of an audience we don’t get to see the rest of the story?! I don’t like that deal at all – Quick, everyone, forward this to everyone else right now, “like” on facebook, etc. !!

        • Wisknort says:

          Pretty much what he said.
          To help live up to them, it needs more Alice flipping off everything. (Including Cthulu.)

  2. You show that… tiny little… figure who’s boss.

  3. Wyvern says:

    Well, that was… unexpected.

    “He imagines he is toying with us.” Heh.

  4. LockeZ says:

    So these are voodoo dolls that he uses to loom over the English ships, apparently? I was right, then! Napoleon is a shaman.

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