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  1. LockeZ says:

    Napoleon is now some sort of shaman capable of projecting an astral image of himself in the clouds to frighten enemy troops.

    I’m okay with this.

    • mvandinter says:

      A shaman from the French Age of Reason? I can accept that explanation.

      • BMunro says:

        Napoleon obviously has some form of early steampunk mad scientist working for him, I’d say [1]: mad scientists are always fond of projecting images of themselves to taunt their opponents (see “Oz the Great and Powerful”, recently in theatres, for a version of this effect requiring only a _little_ mad science.)

        [1] Unless in this world Napoleon himself is a mad scientist… (hm. What French revolutionary figure would make a good Igor?)

  2. Mastrius says:

    Is it possible that the largeness of Napoleon here is only a metaphoric illusion?

  3. Orangatuan says:

    The reason why people think Napoleon was so short is because they couldn’t believe how huge he actually was.

    • mvandinter says:

      I’m assuming there’s a wealth of historic research to back up your assertion… though I’ll leave the fact-checking to others.

  4. Harrow says:

    The first time Major-General Louis Berthier met Napoleon Bonaparte, in March of 1796, he confided to his fellow generals: “I don’t know why, but that little bastard scares the merde out of me.” Now I see what he was talking about.


  5. CaptEndo says:

    Napoleon was about 5’6″. On the shorter end of the spectrum, but still average height for a male of his day. He was an inch taller than me, at any rate:).

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