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  1. Harrow says:

    In the movie “Fate Is the Hunter” a protagonist is killed in the first few minutes but still gets lots of screen time as most of the story is told in flashbacks.

    However if that were going to be the case here, the vehicle would be parked with the screw uppermost, since it would be at the end of its journey.


    • mvandinter says:

      You’re right, of course. On top of that, Unearth is a vast, sweeping epic that moves through more than a single plot line as it focuses on different characters. If I also added a flashback story structure, even I would lose track of what is going on 😉

  2. sighthndman says:

    Or, if told in a more conventional (linear, or straight timeline) style, Alice would simply not be a major character (if killed off in the prologue). Although there start to be problems right away, since what’s the point of killing her off for NOT being stereotypical if you aren’t going to use her death as a warning to other young women (and possibly men) to avoid being headstrong, or to consider consequences, or something. (Or, since I haven’t read the following pages yet, the author’s comment could be a red herring, and there might be only a capture, or a chase, or what have you instead, that might serve the same purpose.)

  3. The Other Mike says:

    Given the increasing prevalence of the undead in fiction, killing off the main character in the prologue may not be that huge an obstacle to overcome. And this comic has already featured people climbing out of graves…

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