22 Responses to Chapter 4 | Page 120

  1. JJ says:

    Alice’s redirection of this conversation is masterful. I’m just waiting for the sentry to start saying “Resistance is useless!!” 😉

  2. Frank Harr says:

    You saw what she did to her husband. Think about what she’d do to ME!

    Alice is finally using the fact that he’s willing to take suggestions. Although I’d be more likely to ask him to put me next to a way out, but this is more fun.

    • mvandinter says:


      Anyway, she already exited once, and this guy (his name is Awger) is the one who brought her back.

      I think.

      • jsfury says:

        Well I don’t think Alice came back willingly. I get a kick out of how Awger hold Alice up for her to inspect the room she’s been brought to. I think Alice is actually trying to win Awger over and get him to maybe give her an out. I know she is concerned for Charlie, Godfrey and maybe Philo. well okay, not Philo so much. I wonder what happened to those guys?

      • Frank Harr says:

        The statue with its head cut off. The god.

        And yeah, I was thinking about manipulating the big guy to leave me alone in a room with a low, open, rather roomy window that might, oh I don’t know, might be used by someone to exit a place without really being observed.

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