15 Responses to Chapter 4 | Page 118

  1. All-Purpose Guru says:

    “Striving to be forthright” in the face of someone who just as well might EAT you is, well, kinda stupid.

  2. jsfury says:

    Uh-oh, Alice is not liking what she is hearing right now. Being forth right is okay, but sometimes you’ve got to bend the truth a little. Start thinking Alice, time is NOT on your side.

    • mvandinter says:

      Don’t worry, jsfury! She’s got lots of time… when you consider how long it takes The Author to do one lousy page!

  3. Frank Harr says:

    OH! THAT’S why she’s bad at telling lies. It’s too late to practice now.

    The Lizard-People are having an intiligence issue. It’s not that they have none, but they’re working from an inaccurate dataset. No wonder Dult’s behind the curve.

    • mvandinter says:

      Using that reasoning, Frank, I would have to say most of the people in the world are working from an inaccurate dataset.
      Of course, no one who reads Unearth falls into that category. You guys are the cream of the crop!

  4. jsfury says:

    But I have to say, Dult is not as dumb as he comes off to be. He shows some wittiness when Alice proclaims she “Strives to be forth right”, Dult quips “Must be tiring.” So, at the least he’s got a sense of humor.

  5. Frank Harr says:

    That dress thing is catching Alice’s attention.

  6. Frank "Holiday Cheer" Harr says:

    A Merry Christmas* and a Happy New Year all! And may next year be at least . . . um . . . 75% less pandemicky.

    * Or whatever holiday or none at all, this is about good wishes, dude.

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