15 Responses to Chapter 4 | Page 116 WIP

  1. Da5id says:

    Don’t worry, I can see that gears are turning!

  2. Brother Parvus says:

    Suddenly I’ve developed a mental image of Harold Lloyd hanging onto the hand of a tower clock…

    • Matt Van Dinter (Author replying remotely) says:

      Brother Parvus, I could post that iconic Harold Lloyd Clock pic if I were able to login as admin, Dammit!

      Well, finally, here we go:

      Harold Lloyd Clock

  3. Frank Harr says:

    I get that. Take your time.

    But boy, is that good-looking. You should have a look at some of the dreck I’ve produced next to that.

  4. jsfury says:

    Sounds good to me. Good luck with the move.

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