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  1. Frank HArr says:

    Ethnic politic can be complicated. We, of course, already now who the “French” are, and they did not absorb, killandeat, or otherwise dispose of the 0-3 and crew of the SS Industrial Blender.

    MAN! I enjoy this. One reason why I vote for it every day. Onward!

    • mvandinter says:

      “SS Industrial Blender!” I love it! That’s awesome, Frank!

      Any more of those? Anyone? Anyone?

      • Frank Harr says:

        I has to call her something. Philo never named it! No wonder she fell over.

        I think it’s interesting that the putative British Lizards are a lot scarier than the actually human “French”.

        This is a lot of fun.

      • Yakumo says:

        From Alice: SS Philo’s Idiocy (Philo’s Folly would be more alliterative, but not as cruel)
        From Charlie: SS Philo’s Fabolous Fully Functioning (kind of, maybe not now, but before, and anyway alitteration!) Fumamasomething Fun Escape from Boredom!
        From Philo: Some long, somewhat interesting if you understand all the terms name that I can’t think of, starting with SS
        From Philo’s younger brother (whose name escapes me): SS Philo’s Folly (hey, he can appreciate a classic burn name and alliteration)
        Me: SS Twister Center

  2. JJ says:

    Are the lizardy folk wearing *their own* uniforms??

    Perhaps everybody else already knew that, but the idea of a lizard being properly British is one I simply adore!

    • mvandinter says:

      They’re either their own uniforms… or they’re scavenging the bodies of their victims.

      • Nathoo says:

        Or perhaps both? If they in some way take over and transform or convert the bodies of their victims with the clothes still on them, then they get the body and the clothes come with as an automatic freebie. Therefore, in more ways than one, the uniforms are *their own*.

        • mvandinter says:

          Hmmmm… Interesting Theory! If only I could give away the real secret a bit quicker! Is there any way I can get paid enough to work on Unearth instead of my day-job?

          • Donjonneau says:

            If you are “unhurt” by making it a trip to the center of your desires, well go for it. ___________________________________ Donjonneau, the eternally-learning-donjon-explorer.

  3. Brother Parvus says:

    Subterranea is getting more and more interesting. How many more anthromorphic non-mammalian species will we see below the surface?

  4. jsfury says:

    Okay, interesting. We have lizards that can speak English, and there are French speaking lizards too. Or is this Dult referring to the cavemen? I’m surprised Alice hasn’t knocked Dult to the ground yet.

  5. Yakumo says:

    Well, this actually should make sense. Human thought and law, especially at that time, was premised on the principle that ownership/sovereignty applies to the depths of the Earth and into the heights of the heavens (though, not Heaven, if you want to get into that). So these Lizardmen are recognizing what the humans think.

    So to mix V for Vendetta into this (not that there are ANY anachronisms related to this comic or the discussions :/) , “England Previals, both Above and Below!”

    Oh, before going, a though occurs, did the lizardmen get chased out from under Ireland along with the snakes? Haven’t heard a word about them.

    • Frank Harr says:

      We’re dealing here with the aftermath of an attempted invasion of Britain from underground. Apparently, Fishguard wasn’t enough of a loss.

      So, the people under Ireland are just glad to not have to deal with that mess.

  6. Frank Harr says:

    It’s too bad I’m not going to have time to make that Valentine’s Day card. Still, I don’t have anyone to give it to. Ah, well.

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