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  1. Thorin Schmidt says:

    One of the ubiquitous things about the Richie Rich cartoon. No matter how bleak the situation, no matter where on earth, Cadbury always arrived at 2 o,clock with afternoon Tea…

    • mvandinter says:

      Thorin, do you have and in-depth knowledge of all media references, or is it limited to a timeframe, etc.?

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        You know, I’m not really sure. Stuff just seems to stick in my head. Other stuff doesn’t. No one in my family will play Trivial Pursuit with me though…

  2. Sturzkampf says:

    I don’t understand. Why would you not bring the tea service?

  3. Jimbo says:

    Hey, Charlotte decided to wear her shoes after all, regardless of where the junior troll was carrying them!

  4. Wyvern says:

    Philo: How do you know you’re *not* in the tropics?

    Charlie: Shame on you! Don’t you know you should never feed a troll?

  5. HumalaDuck says:

    “Charlotte, no! Don’t feed the Troll Boy! Now he’s just going to follow us home.”

  6. jsfury says:

    Good ol’ Godfrey, ever the gentleman’s gentleman. Hope we see the rest of the gang soon I miss Alice.

  7. Yakumo says:

    With Charlie picking up the the feminist ball, I have to wonder, would Alice consider the troll women better or worse off in this deal? And yeah, Alice is not quite a feminist, but she would definitely have Views about the women of the tribe being sold off.

    • HumalaDuck says:

      “If these menfolk would so undervalue their women that they would sell them for kitchenware, then those women *deserve* being owned by men who will appreciate them. Er…hang onnnn! That can’t be right. Does that sound right to anybody else?”

  8. Shan says:

    Oh, all right then. I’m just going to flat out come out and say it, ‘identical’ is spelled wrong on this page, it’s written as ‘indentical’ instead.

  9. Frank says:

    Everyone knows that’s how the English beat the Vikings.

  10. Frank says:

    Yet another reason why I only got a C in Sarcasm.

  11. Frank says:

    It’s not like they had tea then either. Who knows, they might have been better off.

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