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  1. Wyvern says:

    I wonder why it seems to be ignoring Philo in favor of chasing after Charlie.

    • mvandinter says:

      Perhaps it’s the rock-throwing, but who knows for sure?

    • Sturzkampf says:

      The Monster always Chases the Female Companion. However, the Female Companion is supposed to scream at this point.

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        Charlie’s analytical mind would never let her do that. I look forward to seeing her and Philo save everyone. Philo has the theory, Charlie has the practical, and Godfrey of course, makes sure they both stay alive long enough to get it done.

      • Thomas says:

        …and if running under her own power, trip and fall.

        (I wonder if that principle transfers to someone carrying her. However, even if it normally would, I suspect it would be superseded by the higher order principles that dictate that it would be too improper for the butler to fall.)

    • wintermute says:

      He’s trying to play fetch; she threw a rock to (at) him, now he’s just trying to bring it back to her so she can throw it again!

    • Number 6 says:

      What makes you think it’s not chasing after Godfrey? I hear good butlers are highly prized in the Unearth.

  2. Sturzkampf says:

    Once a month would be great. And don’t forget to collect the loot from Patreon! It would be a shame if this great comic fades away.

  3. JamesJ says:

    My Tuesday is now complete. Monthly updates would be great!

  4. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Okay, I’m still trying to settle finances and stuff from the divorce, but i thought about it a lot, and decided this is very much worth funding. Once a month would be awesome!

  5. Thorin Schmidt says:

    It’ll be OK though. It has that great big head, and little tiny arms…

    I don’t think it thought this plan through…

  6. wintermute says:

    Another Page!! What a great day.

    Thanks, Matthew!

  7. Thorgrim says:

    Excellent – great to see this comic kicking off again. Nice work!

  8. Malcolm says:

    Ahh – I see more of Miss Alice is in my future.
    Thank you!

  9. Number 6 says:

    Woohoo! Monthly updates! (possibly)

    Undead Unearth claws it’s way out of the grave!

  10. Erik Van Thienen says:

    Ah! Progress …

  11. Yakumo says:

    Continuation from last panel.

    Charlie: Why didn’t you say that in the first place?
    Godfrey: I did.

  12. HumalaDuck says:


    Or possibly Jurassic belly rubs. Hard to tell.

  13. BobbyBG33k says:

    Okay. I love the the humor of this comic. The characters are fun. I’m sticking around.

  14. Frank says:

    I’m intimidate by her and she’s fictional.

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