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  1. Thorin Schmidt says:

    It used to block me for spam when my posts were too short. That’s why I shouted the practice, nay, the habit, of always taking the long way around when attempting to get to the point. It has opened up a whole new realm of wonder and fascination with the English language, exploring the varied nuances of all kinds of wonderful words with no adverse side effects…

    Wait, what was I starting to say?

    • Number 6 says:

      It would seem to me, based on my prior experience with the aforementioned phenomenon, wherein a post might be rejected by the WordPress spam filter due to its exceptional brevity, that it is rather unnecessary to compensate by utilizing exceedingly verbose or loquacious passages when posting, inasmuch as the lower limit, from what I can recall, on the length of a post is merely three or four words, thus making any text in excess of that amount superfluous.

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        You know, when my students do that to me, I remind them of Rule 6…

        Never be funnier than the teacher.

        In your case, however, I’ll just have to bow to your superior abilities…

        • Number 6 says:

          Perhaps, but you have the highly prestigious 150TH COMMENT! Woohoo!

          (I’m going to have to time my commenting better so I can get the even more highly prized 200th)

      • wintermute says:

        Well done, sir! Well done indeed!

  2. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Whoops, “started the practice”. One of the problems of using my phone to make posts.

  3. ansonmacdonald says:

    I still check and I still miss this weekly adventure.

    I had a strong suspicion that the big dinosaur would turn out to be the equivalent of a big friendly puppy!

    I keep checking in hope that my intuition is correct.

  4. wnp says:

    I check on occasion too. Liking the story and wondering how the threads would weave together was great fun. It seems there are fewer but still pithy comments to peruse.

  5. Thorin Schmidt says:

    My personal thought is that the blonde girl on the flyer would swoop in, and grab the two of them right out from under the big dino. I also jewel hoping van Dinter will relent and tell us which of our theories is correct

  6. Ikwig says:

    Well, I tried to stay away, but found I couldn’t. I simply had to return and read through again. I sincerely wish that this were a hiatus rather than a full stop – remember all of those fantastic and funny comics posted during that last stop? Best hiatus ever!

    I can’t help hoping that, since Van Dinter does not appear to be just telling us which theory of survival is correct, he is thinking that at some point he will be able to continue the story in one form or another – can’t give away the ending if you’re planning on actually writing it!

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      Yes, that is an encouraging thought. And I’ll grab that thought and hang on for dear life!

      • Number 6 says:

        I think he did say something somewhere about possibly continuing at some point in a written (and thus less time-consuming form). Or maybe I dreamed that part?

  7. Malcolm says:

    well, now that hell has frozen over and I need something to help me deal, can I have the web comic back?

    • Number 6 says:

      I blame the lack of an Unearth webcomic for any problems. These sorts of things didn’t happen while Unearth was running!

  8. Thorin Schmidt says:

    You know another reason why I like coming back to this webcomic? It’s because the author said that regular weekly updates had stopped. But he didn’t say anything about irregular updates.

    • Number 6 says:

      I was rather concerned a couple days ago when I checked and all I got was “server cannot find this web page” error message. It was doing that for several hours. Fortunately just an internet glitch. Don’t scare us like that! Darn poorly-functioning internet. Incidentally, to avoid future such panics, there’s a “Scrapbook” add-on for Firefox that lets you download the entire contents of a web site at once, essentially mirroring the site locally on your PC. In case anyone would want to do such a thing.

  9. KF says:

    Oh no! I just managed to get around to catching up today! I love these characters and their humor. They play off eachother so well. I will miss them.

  10. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Hey there KF, feel free to travel to Egypt with the rest of us and swim in denial… 🙂

    • KF says:

      And denial is why I’m back checking the page over half a year after it ended! When did our beloved author decide to ask ransom for new pages? I think I need to learn how Patreon works now…

  11. Guy Tanzer says:

    It is a deuced shame. Webcomics are an exciting new art form which, alas, doesn’t seem to work very well. A decent webcomic is still pretty labor intensive; there’s no guaranteed revenue stream, unlike a syndicated newspaper comic; and advertising a webcomic is somewhere between tricky and daunting. So many good ones have died, or vanished, or gone into suspended animation – often at a distressingly interesting time such as this one. Damned if I know any practicable answers on how to fix this.

  12. Sean Pedersen says:

    Very much enjoyed reading your comic. It was creative, smart, and funny. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

  13. Dave says:

    Well someone has to say it! Happy Christmas to all of you that celebrate it and for the rest, Happy Holiday Season!

    Good grief! It has been months since I added a comment here but it is entertaining reading the posts.

    Mvandinter! May your new year be really great – so good in fact that you decide to post at least a page a quarter! (So you see that wish was really for all of us.)

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