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  1. Luces says:

    So Philo can talk with Charlotte like a normal human being, but not with Alice? Perhaps he should really abdicate in favor for Roddy.
    After all, Alice did wait for a long time already, and protruding teeth can’t be that bad.
    And they’re certainly equal strong-willed!

    • Ikwig says:

      If only Charlie were a little bit older, Philo could just marry her and live a lovely, interesting life filled with adventure and rational conversations. Ah well . . .

      • mvandinter says:

        Lovely lives and rational conversations between spouses? I don’t know if that occurs in real life, but it has no business being in this melodrama.

        • Number 6 says:

          Crazyness! It would totally destroy the stark realisim this strip has become known for! 🙂

        • mrw says:

          It does.
          (1) It requires both parties actively avoid the temptation to escalate conflicts.
          (2) It’s helpful to constantly think of your partner’s positives. An aid to that can be listening to friends worse experiences, remembering prior bad relationships, and anything else that leaves you realizing “Wow, my partner is really pretty awesome overall. What are we fighting about even…”

          Our main characters have no interest in (1), having been forced into the situation by their families, and no experience with (2).

          Apparently arranged marriages can work, if the pair involved are wise enough to realize that their happiness depends on working with each other rather than against each other. Love often follows. (Such was the case with my partner’s parents.)

    • Number 6 says:

      Perhaps it has something to do with Charlie *not* repeatedly trying to kill him?

  2. Sturzkampf says:

    Mr Rodney and Ms Alice should definitely marry each other. That way there’ll only be two unhappy people rather than four.

  3. mrw says:

    Oh neat! The internal structure is geared and balanced to remain upright at all time, no matter what direction the driller is pointing.

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      At least for the Important People anyway… the poor schlubs who actually make the thing run get bounced around like ping-pong balls in a dryer…

      • Hornet says:

        It’s very hard to transfere power across a free floating gyroscopic connection, mainly because like zero gravity there’s nothing to support your applied force.

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