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  1. Luces says:

    Up into a new dimension? Without a gallery it won’t be much fun. But even more earth-shattering than that doubtful landing is the raised voice of Mr. Godfrey. Where do we come to if butlers resemble ordinary human beings? Shocking!

  2. JED says:

    Perhaps they fell in all 4 dimensions of space-time.
    To the place where Her Highness reigns.

    Or maybe that’s just some wishful thinking of one ignorant reader who’d like to meet her again on these pages. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mvandinter says:

      You’re very correct, JED, there has been 4 dimensional space-time travel that will deliver the gang into the realm where Her Highnesss reigns! Of course, it’s ordinary forward movement through space time ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Number 6 says:

        Wait, I saw this TV show! They were in a raft and there was this big earthquake and they fell down a waterfall into another universe, and there were dinosaurs, and lizardmen! No Frenchmen, though.

        • mvandinter says:

          Philo, Alice and Charlie
          On a routine expedition
          Made the greatest driller ever known
          High on his own ego
          Roddy sabotaged the machine
          And plunged them down a thousand feet below
          To the Land of Recycled IP

          • JED says:

            Recycled or not, I just love the plot.
            Oh, and if you are planning on doing some really cool character development: please don’t change Alice. (I really love her for being like me.)

          • Number 6 says:

            NOW I HAVE THAT TUNE STUCK IN MY HEAD! ARRRGH! Thanks a lot!

            (Why can I remember the words and tune to a TV show I haven’t seen in 30+ years but not where I left my keys?)

            • Thorin Schmidt says:

              At least it’s not the SpongeBob Squarepants Themesong. My adult kids were arguing about the lyrics… I was able to settle it by singing it perfectly… ๐Ÿ™

              • mvandinter says:

                Who trapped friends and family under the ground?
                Roderick Farthing
                No one as evil has yet to be found
                Roderick Farthing
                If hollow earth nonsense be something you wish
                Roderick Farthing
                Then give a lizardman a big sloppy kiss
                Roderick Farthing
                Philo Farthing
                Alice Wollstone
                Charlie Wollstone
                M i s t e r G o d f r e y

  3. Number 6 says:

    Poor Philo seems to be stuck in an entirely different conversation than the rest of the room (which is to say he’s saying one thing and they’re all hearing something else). I suspect that happens to him a lot. Sadly, the only person around smart enough to understand him is probably his fratricidal brother. Actually, now that I think of it, that happens to me a lot also. (The part about nobody understanding what I’m saying, not the part about my siblings trying to kill me)

  4. Aslandus says:

    Welcome back to Unearth: Everyone dies edition

  5. Number 6 says:

    Reviewing the past several years of Unearth, as try to do at least once a week, noticed your comment of Novemeber 24, 2014:


    mvandinte: ‘Well, besides โ€œpoison daggerโ€ I also have an eye out for the opportunity to use โ€œEt tu, Brute?โ€ and โ€œYou donโ€™t need a license to drive a sandwich.โ€’

    As of the last panel of this week’s strip, you have now fulfilled 2 of your 3 life’s goals! Now you just have to work that sandwich remak in somehow and you’re done.

    • mvandinter says:

      “You don’t need a license to drive a sandwich”? How on Unearth am I going to manage to work that one in? The mind boggles.

      • Number 6 says:

        While checking on the status of the crew, Philo discovers that John Montagu, 7th Earl of Sandwich, has also stowed away on board the ship. After that, I’m sure it will come up in conversation somehow, I’ll leave the rest up to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Frank says:

    The room is gimboled, isn’t it?

    Four gimbols, I hope.

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