24 Responses to Chapter 2 | Page 54

  1. Yakumo says:

    Alice is intensely jealous that Charlie, at least, gets to carry out her life long wish of being a monkey on the chandelier (Charlie’s wish, not Alice’s).

  2. Thorin Schmidt says:

    So far, this is my best birthday present! Looove this page! Especially the last panel! Although Philo’s comments were pretty good too. Nice to see that he will, on occasion, give Alice some lip.

    • Ikwig says:

      Happy Birthday, and many happy returns!

    • mvandinter says:

      Happy birthday! Congratulations on being one year closer to death 😉

    • Number 6 says:

      I suspect that he’s only willing to give Alice lip due to his expected impending death, which negates his normal fear of Alice killing him for giving her lip.

      Of course, in the UnEarth, impending death is just around every corner, so there may be hope for him yet.

      • Yakumo says:

        Perhaps I am giving him too much credit, but I think it is in large part because he is in his element and even Alice won’t completely throw him off as much as she would, say, while he was still building the thing.

        In this, her running away comment has some validity, I agree with Philo it’s more an inverse, he running to something.

  3. Luces says:

    Friends you can choose. Siblings not. By the way, where is the bed of the chamber?

  4. Ikwig says:

    Oh dear, I do believe that I am beginning to like Philo more and more; he’s really starting to assert himself as a main character. Good for him!

    Of course, Charlie has been asserting herself as a main character from the very beginning, and it’s obvious from this page that she is not planning on giving that up any time soon (impending horrible doom in a stalled steam-driven drill not withstanding). Being able to banter while doing acrobatics on a chandelier should be a requirement for any main character!

    • N8 says:

      I demand to see Philo do this before he becomes the main character.

      • Yakumo says:

        Philo’s a different kind of main character. Stoic characters can be main characters too, and he at leans more that way than Charlie. Rather than banter, he may yet quip, in a very targeted way, at just the right moment.

        Of course, if the banter is FOR SCI…err, over science, then he may engage or even initiate!

  5. HumalaDuck says:

    This page is very tee-heeable. The only spot I see room for improvement would be to have Alice say, “Oh, do shut up, Charlotte.” I feel that one extra word adds to the Victorian feel.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

  6. Aslandus says:

    Philo, delivering a speech to the dials isn’t going to stop the drill!

  7. Frank says:

    Poor Alice. She was looking forward to it.

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