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  1. Harrow says:

    “Delay”? As in, don’t cancel but wait a bit first?

  2. Bartimaeus says:

    [‘they’re taking the hobbits to isengard’ dubstep track] WE’RE TAKING THE GIRL BACK TO FARTHINGSHIRE! -SHIRE! -SHIRE! -SHIRE! -SHIRE.

  3. Jim Ryan says:

    Wouldn’t the off-screen person say “Belay that order”?

    Unless the person saying that never served aboard a ship (in the RN or as a merchant), which may make it a clue as to whom it might be, as the person saying that has had casual exposure to sailors without ever being one…

  4. Uhl says:

    Isn’t that supposed to be “Belay” that order, not “Delay” that order? I hope that’s an engineer saying it and not Alice.

  5. Luces says:

    Another blind passager? A higher beeing? Or is it their masters voice in form of the author?

  6. mvandinter says:

    Facepalm Award
    I’m giving myself this award out of shame for the BELAY debacle.

  7. Murphy says:

    I was going to rule out Alice as she probably would not be familiar with the nautical command. Then I read the comments and realized the only delay is in my posting. There is also an interesting time zone/time warp issue as I am posting this at 6:55 pm EDT which is before Thorin’s and Wintermute’s comments.

    • wintermute says:

      I think the time stamps on these comments is in UTC time zone (England), which is 4 hours ahead of you (5 in the winter), and 7 hours ahead of me πŸ™‚

      • mvandinter says:

        The WordPress site is set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The server looks like it’s set to Pacific Time (PST). The disparity between comment date stamps is caused by gremlins.

  8. Aslandus says:

    Surprise! Alice is on the ship! That gang’s all here, time to party!

  9. Mal says:

    Well, if its Alice it makes more sense for to say “Delay that order!” instead of “Belay that order!” The original text made me LOL thinking it was Alice.

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