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  1. Apvogt says:

    The house also incorporates some of the TARDIS’s tech.

  2. Thorin Schmidt says:

    That all depends. Of course there are Whovians, and hipster Whovians…. It all depends upon whether you think the First Doctor was played by a guy named Eccleston, or Hartnell…

    • mvandinter says:

      I nominate Thorin for the position of Who Authority for the district of Unearth.

      • Thorin Schmidt says:

        Why, thank you. I’d be happy to fill that position. Whoever would like to know Who’s Who, Who’s There, Who’s not there, Who any Whooligans might be, or about Whooping Cough, Whodunnit’s, Whole Numbers, or if you’re looking for a Wholesaler for Whoopie cushions, or just needing someone to spread Wholesomeness…. just come see me!

  3. Wyvern says:

    I believe you could call this a walking gag.

  4. N8 says:

    I like Godfrey’s subtle smugness, it seems fitting and well-thought out.

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