6 Responses to Chapter 1 | Page 32

  1. Aslandus says:

    “Philo, you’ve gotta stop this madness! You can’t run from your relationship forever!”
    “What did you do to my drill?”

  2. Ikwig says:

    Should I be concerned that all of Roddy’s walking about purposefully, banging on the outside of the drill, and muttering “dammit” over the last few pages has given me a slightly better impression of him? He seems almost like he might actually care about someone other than himself, and that makes me a bit nervous . . .

    Also, I love Philo’s expression at the bottom of the page; if one didn’t know that he was an older brother, that “what fresh round of trouble and irritation has that snotty twerp unleashed on me this time” look would certainly give it away!

    • mvandinter says:

      It’s possible that Roddy is a multi-dimensional character, and not simply a 1-dimensional villain. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t trust him with a litter of puppies.

  3. TwoA says:

    What are the chances of Roddy’s sabotage coming into play while he’s explaining how to stop it?

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