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  1. I wonder why Charlie picked up the toolbox? Was she planning to bonk the little dweeb on the head while his back was turned?

  2. Aslandus says:

    What d’ya know, Alice doesn’t solve all her problems with an axe… even when they involve Philo…

  3. wintermute says:

    Alice had a perfect shot while he was distracted with Roddy. And what does she do? Break up the fight.

    I’m thinking her heart’s just not in this.

    • Thorin Schmdit says:

      That, or else she wants to make sure he sees it coming….. also, as noted by our estimable author, part of Alice’s frustration is his general pushover-iness. maybe she’s hoping to finally goad him into taking a stand against her….

      Or else she just REALLY wants to make sure he sees it coming….

  4. Timni16 says:

    aaaawww family bonding!

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