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  1. Wisknort says:

    Ok, ok, I’m back. Totally forgot about this and just got back to reading it… Last time I was here, the prologue hadn’t quite ended.

    … Which is why I’m only just now commenting that the links are completely messed up. The most notable problem of these is that the end of the prologue doesn’t link to the start of the next chapter. That seems bad, that should work smoothly. I actually thought it was the end of the archive for a moment.

  2. Wow. He’s playing that “Jerk” card fast and loose…..

  3. wintermute says:

    Wow, Roddy is so… helpful…

  4. Uhl says:

    Bwahaha! I just love the way Geoffrey says “we don’t have any in stock, Miss.” Like he’s a clerk at a grocery store, and she asked for tomatoes, with the bin being completely empty.

  5. Aslandus says:

    That hook… brutal, inefficient, and probably going to get stuck a few times before you get the kill shot… so naturally, it’s the best choice

  6. wait a minute….. sorry for being so dense…. it just came to me now

    This ENTIRE project, This MASSIVE undertaking, the untold THOUSANDS of pounds spent….
    the sole purpose of ALL THIS….
    the REASON Philo became an inventor in the first place…

    was to DELAY HIS WEDDING DAY??????

  7. Apvogt says:

    Any deadly weapon will do. Unless Roderick has touched it. If he has, burn it.

    • Aslandus says:

      Would you use it while it was on fire or burn it afterwards? Let me help:
      Axe soon to be burned: serviceable
      Burning axe: cool
      Burned axe: useless

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