24 Responses to Chapter 1 | Page 13

  1. Scrutinizer says:

    Is one of them going to get eaton by a dinosaur?

  2. Yakumo says:

    If a gruesome death includes dying slowly over a long period of time, I think a lifetime of Alice constantly communicating her disappointment at Milo can count, all without any successful homicide attempts. Just saying.

  3. Ikwig says:

    Given his last name, my vote for “most likely to meet a gruesome end” is Lieutenant, sorry, Captain Eaton.

    I do wonder if the Reverend Playfair was prone to breaking up schoolyard fights as a child!

    Also, please tell Philo that there is no place to hide, no matter how much he looks.

  4. wintermute says:

    I’ll be sad to see the reverend go, we hardly knew him! But I’m sure he lived a good, full life. May he rest in peace.

  5. Apvogt says:

    Thing that scares me most is that Alice probably knows how to use both those weapons to great effect.

  6. Apvogt says:

    Also, she said “would you kindly lend me your sword.” He can’t resist.

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