Cast of Characters


Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Wollstone

Age 10
Younger sister of Alice
‘Roddy, if you pucker those lips, I will punch them right down your throat.’



Alice Wollstone

Age 19
Older sister of Charlotte
Bethrothed to Philo since childhood
‘Impatient to defend my virtue?’



Philo Farthing, Esq.

Older brother Roddy
Bethrothed to Alice since childhood
‘This thing you call a ‘fantastical contrivance’ is the Eighth Wonder of the World!’



Roderick ‘Roddy’ Farthing

Age 13
Younger brother of Philo
‘The usual: Shock, chaos, and recrimination – a nice bit of entertainment for the ladies.’



Mr. Godfrey

Middle aged
Given name unknown
Gentleman’s gentleman to Philo
‘It is not my place to say.’



Captain Eaton

Former army lieutenant
Longtime schoolmate of Philo’s
‘Did I resign my commission just to babysit a coward?’



Mr. Dult

Age unknowable
Minion of Her Highness
‘Thank you for not killing me.’



Her Highness

Age: Older than dirt
‘This has the makings of a disaster – a useful disaster.’



Albert-Mathieu Farraux

Former mining engineer
French Army Commander
‘Why not simply smash the British fleet with French feet?’

2 Responses to Cast of Characters

  1. Matt says:

    Cast of Devious Maids 2015

  2. Malcolm says:

    One thing I retreat is not finding out who the 5th avatar from the left is, how she impacts Charlotte and Philo’s relationship, and which is worse (better?) Her Highness or Charlotte.

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