10 Responses to Prologue 4 | Page 61

  1. Blyss says:

    Guard your vitals!





    Sorry dude, you’re still screwed.

  2. CapnPanda says:

    I’m gonna take yet another wild guess!

    He’s cringing because she’s wearing clown make-up.
    Yes. That is obviously it.

  3. TwoA says:

    How did she open the door?

  4. W. Murphy says:

    I love Godfrey’s dead pan, nothing fazes me I’m an English butler, expression.

    In the voting incentive picture:
    Is the seated Alice trying to use her psychic powers to telepathically turn her tea into espresso?

    And does the though of Alice on espresso terrify most posters to this site?

  5. davidbreslin101 says:

    Move camera round 180 degrees to reveal that Alice is actually smiling tenderly, eyes wet with joyful tears. The big softy.

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