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  1. texsoroban says:

    seems like a good start to a neat idea for a comic. I’ll BM it and follow

  2. Wisknort says:

    Huhh, so the arrow power is a common thing in this world?

  3. Two-A says:

    Is this foreshadowing? =)

  4. D.Durand says:

    Actually, all the fun is it was the Royal Navy who missed the French one. Nelson himself was litteraly toyed by Villeneuve from Europe to America and return.
    The plan was actually to never let Nelson in position to give battle, and it worked.
    But Napoleon didn’t loved his navy much and forced the hand of Villeneuve, who engaged Nelson in a battle he knew he could win.

    I suggest you read a good book about this tragic (hi)story.

    • mvandinter says:

      I hope readers understand that Unearth is entirely fictional. Please note the presence of ‘ghouls’ emerging from graves, gigantic drilling machines, and (eventually) dinosaurs inhabiting the center of the Earth.

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