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  1. Sturzkampf says:

    Hooray! Good to see another page of this great comic. Is it back, or is this a one-off?

    • mvandinter says:

      I hope it’s not a one-off… but that doesn’t mean I plan to resume regular updates… unless the Patreon picks up.

      • Number 6 says:

        Wait…you men there’s a possibility of more? Hooray! I thought for sure this was just Look-UnEarth-Is-Back-ha-ha-fooled-you April 1st trick. Surely you would not have us believe the date of release was a mere coincidence. Unless…the trick was to make us think it was a trick when it wasn’t? And I fell for it! Drat!

    • Donjonneau says:

      My thoughts when I saw the guy throwing a pebble right on the dinosaur face:_________________ Ar u brain dead dude?

  2. Number 6 says:

    *Looks excitedly at new strip*
    *glances at calendar and notes current date*
    *hangs head dejectedly*

    …not that I’m complaining. once a year is better than 0 times 😉

  3. HumalaDuck says:

    Hooray! (What more is there to say?)

  4. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Well, if I come out the other end of my divorce/bankruptcy process with a couple spare dollars, I’ll definitely pledge! In the meantime, HOORAY FOR A NEW PAGE!

  5. Thorin Schmidt says:

    so…. is it Charlie with the rock? Pretty sure it’s not Prehistoric Plumber… but it could be Pterodactyl Girl….

    • Number 6 says:

      It’s (m)Alice, she refuses to allow anyone to kill Philo except her.

      • mvandinter says:

        Her Majesty Who Remains Nameless is a possibility.

        • Number 6 says:

          Roddy, concerned that his attempted act of fratricide and mass murder might not be completely successful, has decided to follow them to the underworld (using a single-person drill machine that Philo had designed earlier as a prototype) and is now lobbing rocks at the dino from a concealed location in an attempt to further antagonize it into eating Philo.

          (I’ve really missed speculating on all the horrible things Roddy might be up to.)

        • Yakumo says:

          We haven’t seen that much of her, granted. I just don’t see her bothering or doing it that way (at least not herself). Though I recognize that it’s the author who spoke here/

      • Malcolm says:

        I vote/hope for Alice.
        Thanks for the page!

    • Yakumo says:

      My vote is it’s Charlie who’s rockin it (Ah, back to the puns). I do, however, recognize the Alician Philo Doctrine, to warp an American doctrine to a Victorian woman’s own views.

  6. BowenTheKotoc says:

    Good to see another page!

    • mvandinter says:

      Good to see some readers noticed the new page! Thanks

      • JP says:

        Yay, new page and I’m merely 10 days late.

        I’m not in position to put money on the patreon but I did the next best thing. I told my brother to check out Unearth.

  7. Thorin Schmidt says:

    As for Philo having Pistols, but not loading them because they were stuck down his trousers, I can only shake my head. I mean, bringing pistols – sensible, not wanting loaded pistols stuck down his trousers – sensible. Deciding to keep them unloaded instead of hunting up some holsters – “Sensibility” that only the brilliantly demented are capable of….

    • HumalaDuck says:

      Philo could have been speaking facetiously. The pistols appear to be flintlocks, meaning once they are loaded the black powder is exposed to the air and begins soaking up humidity. Once the powder becomes too moist to fire, not only have you wasted a charge, but you’re left with the tedious task of having to clean out the pistol.

      In short, it’s a bad idea to be walking around with a loaded flintlock unless you’re sure you’ll be firing it soon. Thank goodness for self-contained bullets, eh?

      • mvandinter says:

        Thanks for the info, HumalaDuck 🙂
        Shows how little I know 🙁
        Now I’m tempted to revise the word-bubbles to include a short speech on the care and handling of flintlocks.

        • HumalaDuck says:

          Heh. You may want to do some more research before doing that, because I can’t really be considered a reliable source. My above comment is basically what I remember from elementary school. (Why in the world were they teaching us about musket use in elementary school? Whatever the reason, I’m about 80% sure I could load and fire a musket based on that, despite never having held a musket ball in my life.)

          Heck, even tidbits I’ve picked up on the subject in more recent years is kinda fuzzy in my mind. For example, I recall that in colonial India there was a kerfuffle of some size over the grease used on the bullet/gunpowder packets distributed to the sepoys, who were a mix of Muslim and Hindi locals. I remember the issue was that the grease was believed to be rendered from pigs and/or cows…but I can’t remember if that was true or just a rumor at the time, nor the size of the kerfuffle.

          My brain tends to only hang onto useless information. It can be a tedious way to go through life.

          • Number 6 says:

            You too? I thought that was just my brain that only retained useless and/or exceptionally obscure information. Fortunately, despite the internet having no other useful function other than the occasional viewing of exceptional webcomics, it does have the wonderful feature of being able to confirm and/or clarify the uselessly obscure information we half-remember.

            Kerfluffle destroys British Empire:

            • HumalaDuck says:

              Kerfuffle….fall of an empire…potato, potahto. =]

              Thanks for the link. Though, the article’s claim that the issue caused the fall of the British empire seems pretty inaccurate. I mean, Britain maintained its empire for another hundred years after this uprising. Basically it led to the fall of the East India Company, which de-privatized/nationalized the British Empire.

              • Number 6 says:

                Yeah, that assertion did seem a bit dubious at first, but then I thought: Surely someone on the Internet, of all places, would never grossly exaggerate a claim in the title of an article, almost as if to bait people into clicking on it! Inconceivable!

                (I usually get most of my historical facts from Webcomics, though, just to be on the safe side.)

  8. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Okay, so, my dad being a gunsmith, and having fooled around a bunch with flintlocks as a kid, the only powder you had to worry about was the stuff in the pan, which is what got ignited by the flint. You would load the weapon, but leave the pan powder till just before you shot. Also, if you didn’t, the stuff would just fall out as soon as you tipped the gun to any degree.

    …at least, that’s what dad and I did when we went “Black Powder” hunting… “Black Powder” referring to the weapons, not what we were actually hunting.

    • HumalaDuck says:

      This guy. I nominate this guy to be your reliable source for old fashioned gun stuff. Or, at the very least, his dad.

      • Number 6 says:

        Why am I not surprised that the Unearth fanbase includes people with actual practical experience with flintlock weapons?

        Although, I suppose it does make sense that it would be Thorin. In fantasy settings that have gun technology, Dwarves are usually the best gunsmiths.

  9. Frank says:

    Yay Charlie!

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