Unearth | Comic Strip – Wedding Axe

Poison would best suit the occasion.

P.S. This hiatus is becoming a dangerous habit.

27 Responses to Unearth | Comic Strip – Wedding Axe

  1. Yakumo says:

    Best. Filler. Yet.

    It’s filler, yet so in character too.

  2. Teh Gerg says:

    world’s best hiatus


  3. jsfury says:

    Hiatus over. Get back to work!

  4. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Hey, this hiatus contains cool stuff, unlike other webcomics that go completely offline. So, don’t worry, your loyal readers are here, and having fun with the filler stuff. You take care of real life, we’ll be here for Unearth when you can get back.

  5. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Ah yes,

    Something Old – Lace
    Something New – Dress
    Something Borrowed – Axe
    Something Blue – Poison Frog

  6. Custom avatarWyvern says:

    So I Married an Axe Murderer

  7. Hornet says:

    Philo’s going to end up being one of those nobles that while married ends up spending the family fortune on prostitutes, isn’t he..

    • mvandinter says:

      Don’t go getting all excited about the possibility of prostitutes joining the cast. Can Can dancers, on the other hand…

      • Number 6 says:

        Y’know, after a few years stranded in the Unearth, those Lizard Women start to look cuter and cuter. Just sayin’. Not that our hero is the sort to go for Lizardwoman Prostitutes.

        Also, for all those of you new readers who now landed on this site after Googling the term “Lizardwoman Prostitutes” – Welcome to Unearth!

  8. Aslandus says:

    Everyone knows assault rifles are the best honeymoon tools

  9. Vince says:

    By “get any bright ideas” does she mean the nuptial bed is to remain stone cold?? And, should Philo push for what any husband would expect after the wedding, she’ll go Lizzy Borden on him?

    • Number 6 says:

      Pretty much. In fact, Ms. Borden appears to have already given her approval in the comments above. The comic’s current rating prohibits a more graphic description.

    • Aslandus says:

      Unless it’s the other way around…
      “If you think about running, just remember how good my throwing arm is”

  10. Teh Gerg says:

    More Hiatus! Please!

    something old – any hiatus
    something new – a really entertaining hiatus
    something borrowed – guest artists for the hiatus
    something blew – nothing at all during the hiatus. Wait, I didn’t spell it right. Who cares?

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