Unearth | Comic Strip – Vacation


New pages will pick up where we left off ages ago, so you may have to do some re-reading to get the gist.

23 Responses to Unearth | Comic Strip – Vacation

  1. Luces says:

    I.Don’t. Believe. It!!!

  2. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Woohoo! Although I suppose it would be too much to ask to continue the strips and the story?

    Yeah… Okay, put down the baseball bat….

    I’ll be over here… in the corner… keeping quiet…

  3. Custom avatarIkwig says:

    Congratulations on the coming ending of hiatus status – we all knew you could do it!

    And again, thank you for keeping us all entertained even while on hiatus; as a reader, I could not have asked for a better hiatus from a favorite web comic!

  4. Dreadogastus says:

    Yee-Haaah! Let their be dancing in the streets, drinking in the bars and necking in the parks!

  5. The Dark Ferret says:

    What, reread the prologue? The story has barely moved. It’s like watching a rock. Just get on with it already.

  6. Petaybee says:

    Excitement intensifies!

  7. Number 6 says:

    And regarding today’s strip: Do NOT drink ANYTHING that waiter serves you.

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      Nor should you eat anything he brings… nor should you go anywhere he suggests for afterwards, in fact, you should probably avoid eye contact altogether, and just serve yourself….

  8. Custom avatarW Murphy says:

    Welcome Back!

    Well, you never actually left but I’m not going with the tired woohoo. I’ll use the more period-ish appropriate:

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