Unearth | Comic Strip – Sorceress

Unearth is on hiatus while the author searches the world for words of wisdom.

Weekly comic strips will continue until the author fills a shallow hole with fortune cookies.

18 Responses to Unearth | Comic Strip – Sorceress

  1. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Whoops, looks like the Alliance is starting to unravel, if Alice’s eyebrows are any indicator…..

  2. Number 6 says:

    When asked, Lord Admiral Nelson’s Statue responded that it would rather be eaten alive by rats with rabies.

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    It appears that your web site blocks zoom-in on mobile devices. This makes the dialog unreadable on small screens. Could you please change this? thanks.

    • mvandinter says:

      I don’t know what device you’re using, but I changed a couple of settings. Reload and let me know if the issue is fixed. Thanks.

  4. Aslandus says:

    With magics these powerful, the world won’t be able to stop her!

  5. Petaybee says:

    Ha! Your spell has obviously not worked Alice. I, for one, still quite clearly remember your eye bolts of loathing and disdain! Hmm, now I need to book a trip to Trafalgar Square.

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      Given what I know about Alice, if she had tried that spell on me, I think, even if it DIDN’T work, I would at least seriously consider pretending that it did… at least for awhile…

  6. Petaybee says:

    “What’s with all the posters of Lord Nelson in your house?”
    “Sh-Shut-up! It’s a condition! Doctor says if I don’t, I won’t be long for this world.”

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      By the way Petaybee.. do I detect the presence of another Paranaturalite?

      • Petaybee says:

        Just don’t tell Suzy.

      • Number 6 says:

        OK, I give up. Even Google and Bing say they don’t know what a “Paranaturalite” is. Congratulations, sir, you have successfully stumped The Internet.

        • Petaybee says:

          Haha, no worries. Paranaturalite is a self-reference made by persons who read the webcomic Paranatural by Zack Morrison, and the term is probably not often found outside forums and comments sections. If I remember right, (it’s been a while) it was a link in the comments there that actually lead me to check out Unearth back when it first started.
          Hmm, I suppose that means there needs to be a name for the Unearth readers then…
          Unearthicans? Deathtrapophiles? Lord Mvandinter’s Personal Retinue? Don’t know about you, but there definitely needs to be some eye arrows for the eye arrow god in there somewhere. 🙂

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