Unearth | Comic Strip – Imp

imp, noun
1, a small demon : fiend
2, a mischievous child

One of these definitions is on point.

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  1. Thorin Schmidt says:

    yes… Roddy is too old to be classified as a child any more.g

  2. Uhl says:

    How could they be twins? They obviously have at least one different parent. Or somebody went and polluted the gene pool.

    • mvandinter says:

      “Had we been twins” is the critical bit in the word bubble above. Clearly, they’re not twins. There’s even been speculation that Roddy was switched at birth with a troll baby.

  3. Vince says:

    Is the story line back on track or is this still hiatus? I’m confused 🙂

    • Yakumo says:

      Still on hiatus. Else they’d be under the earth now, instead of surrounded by scaffolding.

      • mvandinter says:

        I do work on the story sporadically. I hope to resume the posting once I have enough pages done to keep it going to the end of the chapter without interruption.

        • Yakumo says:

          Awesome and looking forward to it. Though a number of these meta-comics are enjoyable, I am looking forward to the return to the story.

  4. Vince says:

    Thank you! I hope things are working out well for you.

  5. Number 6 says:

    Roddy, had we been twins, and I had to look forward to 9 months in the same womb with you, I would have WANTED to be strangled!

  6. Warcodered says:

    Well at least they can agree on something.

  7. LR says:

    3.(military, by extension) The intentional or unintentional killing of a comrade in arms.  

    related use I’ve heard:
    When an explosive weapon damages another explosive weapon from the same side of the conflict near it. I heard it in relation to nukes. You site your missile silos close enough so the debris thrown up when one is hit destroys missiles sent against the next silo over. Of course they have to be far enough apart so that the the second silo isn’t destroyed. Studying nuclear arms issues is a morbid business, and I don’t do it myself. But it’s important when negotiating to know what the effects of the new rules might be. At least if you can’t get rid of them in one swell foop.

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