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I’ll bet you didn’t know Unearth is a steam punk remake of an obscure 1977 sci fi film.

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  1. John C. says:

    Well, your hiatus has lasted for a quarter of a year. As far as I am concerned, it is permanent. It was good while it lasted. Goodbye.

    • Number 6 says:

      Your loss.

      I will continue to try to fit “checking a webcomic once a week” into my very, very busy schedule. :p

    • Custom avatarWyvern says:

      Personally, I don’t give up on a webcomic until it’s gone at least six months without updates. And I can think of at least two — Lackadaisy and Monster Soup — which have had stretches of longer than six months with no new comics, and are still being updated. Plus, I don’t know if you can even call it a hiatus if there are actual strips posted every week.

    • Custom avatarIkwig says:

      I agree with Wyvern – it’s not “technically” a hiatus if new stuff is still being posted, whether the new stuff moves the story forward or not.

      Anyway, I’m finding the comic strips fun too, so I’m sticking around. 🙂

      • mvandinter says:

        Thanks for sticking around! Perhaps I should have started with a gag-a-day comic strip instead of an epic.

      • Railbus says:

        Let’s face it…the story didn’t advance all that much even when it wasn’t on hiatus!

        • Number 6 says:

          Hey now, that’s not fair, it’s only been 3 years – let’s see you get to the center of the Earth any faster than that! :p

          On the other hand, this week’s gag-comic has generated more comments than all but a handfull of the actual strips. 😉

    • Thorin Schmidt says:

      Wait, I thought all the tools had been destroyed when the Toolbox went up in flames. How did you make it out, John C?

        • Thorin Schmidt says:

          Hooray! I got another! I wonder how many I have? Time to go check….

          • Thorin Schmidt says:

            Okay, so here are the unofficial standings for Facepalm Awards.
            Most Facepalms so far: ME! (5)
            First facepalm: Talewinds s/he earned it March 10, 2014. (page 70)
            this is notable, because the same poster also received a facepalm on March 11, 2014, but for comments on PAGE 69! O.o

            other notable facepalms:
            July 20,2015 – the author facepalmed himself
            Aug 24, 2015 – The author facepalmed an entire thread, thus awarding 5 people AT ONCE.

            Total number of Facepalm awards: 17
            Total number of recipients: 14

            admittedly this was not a super-thorough check, so might have missed one or two. I did check every page, but…

  2. Uhl says:

    It’s not obscure. And a certain man with a very black helmet and full face mask MIGHT take offense at such a statement…

    Oh, no! He’s here!

    (Begins choking).

    “I find his lack of faith… disturbing.”

    • Number 6 says:

      You are, of course, I can only assume, referring to Dark Helmet, from Spaceballs.

      • mvandinter says:

        I’m feeling guilty about the “obscure” cultural reference in this strip. It’s just that center panel with Charlie on the tower-thingy reminded me of the disable-the-tractor-beam scene the instant I drew it.

        • Number 6 says:

          So in about 20 years or so, you will need to write a prequel to Unearth – it will make a billion dollars, despite the fact that it’s not nearly as good as the beloved original Unearth, the core fanbase hates it, and you’ve antagonized everyone by introducing, for no good reason, Philo’s unbelievably annoying cousin Jar-Jar Farthing. Then sell the whole mess to Disney.

    • Enigma says:

      *picks up the body hands Vader a pre-payed card* Boss wanted me to let you know you are Soylet’s best supplier again this year. Well I’m off have a few other places to get pick ups from have a nice day. *walks way*

  3. Number 6 says:

    “Tractor Beam” is obviously a large thick wooden post used as part of a mechanized farming machine.

  4. Wyvern says:

    So if Charlie is Obi-Wan and Capt. Eaton is C3PO, who are the others? My guess: Alice is Leia (obviously), Godfrey is R2D2 (both are unflappable), and Philo is either Luke or Han — I’m leaning towards Han because a) he and Alice argue just like Han and Leia, and b) if he’s Luke, that would mean he’s engaged to his sister (eww). So I guess Roddy is Darth Vader?

    • Number 6 says:

      Sure. Good luck. You try to get Alice to wear the gold bikini slavegirl outfit. I recommend making sure the ax is nowhere nearby first.

      (Also, Darth Vader is offended by your comparison)

  5. Yakumo says:

    1977? Go back farther rename this The Hidden Drill. Now that will be obscure for more people.

  6. juasayshi says:

    John C. is a jack, ignore him. Your one-offs are the best hiatus I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry your necessities are keeping you, but oh-so delighted that you refuse to be kept away entirely. Bravo, sir. Well done. I anticipate you may yet find a way to advance your epic storyline, even in the face of your tighter constraints, for it’s clear you’re determined & clever. Meanwhile I, for one, am really enjoying getting to know your sense of humor better. 🙂

  7. Thorin Schmidt says:

    Hey, I just realized…. this is all just meta! Like the characters in the comic, the comic itself is in “freefall”! Well, played sir! Well, played!

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